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Emily Chu

  • Diploma in Digital Photography for Advertising
  • Professional Diploma in Interior Design

When hearing the word photographer, what do you expect from him/her? One might say I would expect that person to be technical or artistic or both! Luckily we can find these qualities in Emily Chu. Emily has more than seven years experience in this field focusing in taking pictures in action sports, portraits, commercial products and public & private events. Her clients range from big corporations to individuals as well as various non-profit organizations such as Hong Kong Seven, HSBC, Hong Kong Disneyland, Wai Yin Association and countless more. Being an enthusiastic and articulate photographer, clients were always pleased with her creative production and praising her in the industry. With more exposure in this fascinating field, Emily would love to explore more in various different projects and would like to take this journey with you in the future.


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